Tuesday, March 11, 2014

Contrast Drawings

For these projects, we practiced with a bunch of different types of mediums. We used oil pastels, chalk pastels, and colored pencils. The can was in oil pastel, the lollipop was in colored pencil, and the candy was in chalk pastel. My favorite was the colored pencil because I felt like it was easier to put down the right amount of color. Although the pastels were easier to blend colors, I still liked the colored pencils. With the pastels though, I was able to blend colors and show contrast much easier than with the color pencils.

Scientific Project

For this project, that had the theme scientific, I had a lot of ideas for what I could draw. Some of my ideas included money, nature, time, clocks, or mountains. I ended up choosing a clock because I thought that I would be able to get the different values that it had on the different sides and the way that the light was hitting it.

The different mini lessons helped a lot in teaching me how to add value to different parts of the clock. It also helped me to make the clock actually look 3D with shading. I was able to show contrast with my work in several ways. I added a background to the edges to the paper so it contrasted with the white parts of the clock and parts of the paper. Another way I was able to add contrast was I made the numbers really dark so they contrasted with the whole drawing and they really stuck out.

The medium that I used was pencil. I chose to use this because I thought that I would be able to add value easier and I would be able to make the clock look more realistic. I was able to shade dark then light to give the effect that the dark parts were further away. I think that I took risks with this project because this was my first real drawing so I think that starting off with something that had a lot of value change was a risk for this project.

Overall, I liked this project because I felt like there was almost unlimited choices for what you could draw. And I also liked that I was able to practice my drawing and shading skills with a big project like this.