Art 2 Final Portfolio

1. My most successful project was the scientific project, where I used pencil to draw a clock. Now I think that this is my most successful because I feel that I was able to achieve the look of a realistic clock that I was going for. The topic of scientific, I thought, was very open-ended, so I was a bit unsure of what I should do. Also, we were given a couple of different choices to what medium we could do, and I think that I chose the right one by doing pencil because I was able to achieve the overall 3D look that I was going for. I also think by just doing a part of the clock and leaving some of it off that page made it more interesting and not as boring if it was just sitting in the center by itself. I also think that by adding the shading over the whole picture, adds to the realistic look and makes it stand out more. Overall I think that this scientific project was my most successful because of the shading, size, and overall look of it. I also think that doing pencil as the medium helped me capture the different shades and also adding to the overall realistic look if it.

2. I think that my least successful project was the mixed media project. I feel that this is my least successful project because I feel that it doesn't show my full potential as an artist. I think that I could have made it look a lot better and much more realistic that it is now. I also think if I spent more time on the planning and laid it out a little better, it could have turned out much better than it does. I could have made the ocean pictures come together a little more and added more to the beach, it could have came out much better. Also I didn't manage my time as well on this project. If I had a little more time for planning and creating it, I think that I could have made this much better. Overall, I think that this was my least successful project because I didn't plan enough, and also didn't manage my time well, so it overall didn't turn out the way I want.

3. I think that the two projects that showed my growth as an artist would be the up close and personal project and the sticky situation project. For the up close and personal, I think that my lemon and lime drawing showed my growth with making things look realistic. Also, I did this project with oil pastel, which I had never used before, but I think that it benefited me greatly and I really like how it came out. Also, the shading of the table that it was on made it look like the lemons were sitting on it, and it made it more realistic. Overall, the blending of the greens and yellows and white made it turn out really good and I feel that I achieved what I was really looking for. Now for sticky situation, I think I had the greatest growth because I had never painted much before, and we hadn't done much practice, but I think it came out really good. I like the brick because of the different colors makes it look very realistic, and I think I was able to achieve the look that I was going for. I think that overall for the both of these, I was able to create the look that I was going for, as well as use the mediums in a way that made the project look much better.

 4. I think that the two mini lessons the benefited me the most was the lollipop and the soda can. I think that the lollipop was very beneficial because I was able to test out my skills with colored pencil and adding value. For the soda can, it really helped me with the lemon and lime project, because they were both oil pastel. The can helped me with with my blending the different colors. I feel that I was given enough instruction but not too much, so I was also able to learn it on my own. I think that overall, the mini lessons helped me practice with the different mediums before the final project, and I think that these two were the main two that helped me out the most with the final.

5. My favorite medium to work with I think would be pencil. I like pencil because I think that you can control what you're doing better. I think that it is easier to add value to pieces just like my clock. I like how with pencil you can make things dark quickly, and also it one of the few mediums that you can erase if you mess up. I think that overall pencil is easier to shade, add value, and you can pretty much draw anything you want with it. Even though its only one color, the black and white also add something to the piece making it look better.

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